Attributes and Segments are close. We cannot explain one without the other.

  • Attributes allow you to qualify a population of respondents.
  • Segments allow you to define a population of respondents.

Attributes and Segments are the best way to attach contextual data to a feedback. 

Thanks to them, you can:

  • Trigger targeted actions at the validation of a survey.
  • Create your own indicators and pilot your customers experience.
  • Trigger your survey at the best timing during the customers journey.
  • Feed your CRM database thanks to an Attribute like the email or a customer ID.

Attributes allow you to add variables in the deployment URL of your survey. When you deploy your survey by email or SMS, always link it with your contact base fields. When you deploy your survey on your website, link it with the data available in your data layer.

As an example, a satisfaction survey concerning a call to your customer service:

  • One segment: A certain category of customers who called your customer service.
  • Several attributes: email, first name, last name, contract, advisor, reason for calling.

 Through this example, you can see you have all the information about the attributes that matter in order to qualify your segment.
 To know more, please read How to create an attribute and the other articles in the Tracking section.

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