An action allows you to trigger your events automatically at the validation of a survey (at the end of the survey). You can implement as many post-feedback actions as you want.

The objective is to automate important operations at the end of each collected answer: enriching your CRM, sending a thank you email, redirecting to your website, identifying typical profiles of respondents [...]


An action always follows this sequence: "When - If - Then".

- When

Here you can choose when to trigger your action. Either "On page submit" or "Manual" (by clicking a button in the survey for example).

  • If

Here you'll be able to set the condition(s) needed for triggering your action.

For example, trigger an action based on the answer to a question, the value of an attribute or many other events.

Connections between conditions:

  • And: all the conditions must be valid for the actions execution.
  • Or: if one of the conditions is valid, actions will trigger.

Type of conditions:

- Then

Now you can set the action. Possibilities are wide, it can be an email sending to indicate a detractor, a redirection depending on the identification of a specific profile or even the feed of your CRM (by our Salesforce connectors, Adobe Campaign ...).

The actions available are:

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