How to create a survey?

Choose a template or create your survey from scratch.

A survey is part of a campaign. A campaign includes your survey, associated deployments, segments, attributes and actions that will be triggered after the answer.

To create your survey, all you have to do is launch a new campaign.

Two choices are available to you according to your needs:

  • Create a campaign from scratch (which we will detail in this article)
  • Create a campaign based on a template: read the dedicated article


Create a survey from scratch

To get started, you need to click on the green + Create new campaign button directly on your Dashboard.

You can also find this button in the Campaigns section of the side menu: 

Create your Campaign by clicking on "create your own campaign from scratch":

Then, give a name to your campaign, specify its purpose and validate with the Next button. 

Build your survey starting with the creation of Pages by clicking on Add.
We recommend that you consult: how do I add or modify pages?

Then add your items within your pages by clicking on Add new item.
We recommend that you consult: How to add or modify questions?

Finally, remember to save your changes carefully.

This is what the structure of a survey looks like once the items are in place.

Here is a video explanation to help you edit your survey:

Once you have created your survey, you will have a few steps left before your campaign is fully operational.

To continue configuring your campaign, we recommend that you consult: The checklist for a perfect campaign.


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