Everyday, the MyFeelBack team give their very best to allow you to enrich your customer experience. We constantly innovate, so that you are able to better enjoy using our platform.
In order for you to increase your performance step by step in a guided way, we’d like to propose a Checklist that will enable you to easily create high profit campaigns.

In this article you'll find the main levers to:

  • Increase the quantity and the quality of your omnichannel collected data.
  • Catch new business opportunities, by activating the collected data.


The essentials list

First of all, here is the list of the essential elements to safely launch your first campaign.

  • Create your first survey. Read article
  • Create at least one segment, representing your population of respondents. Read article
  • Create attributes, to attach contextual data to each answer. Read article
  • Attach attributes to your segment. Read article
  • Create at least one deployment, to release your surveys. Read article
  • Activate your deployments to collect your first answers. Read article
  • Deploy your surveys by email via your emailing program. Read article


The key steps list

Without the below decisive elements, the activation of your data won't be truly complete. Thus, we strongly encourage you to transform each campaign into a smart data collection. Making it ultra qualified, this will allow you to increase business opportunities. To do this, it's very easy, follow the list!

  • Create post-answer actions, to automate and customize tailored actions. Read article
  • Activate the Javascript code of MyFeelBack, to trigger surveys on your website. Read article
  • Create a trigger scenario for your surveys on your website. Read article
  • Program the automatic sending of a statistical report, to follow your KPI's. Read article
  • Create an alert indicator, to react real time. Read article
  • Create a mapping with your CRM, to automatically enrich it. Read article 


The steps to boost your campaign

You are now capable of building your surveys, to trigger targeted actions and to carefully make use of your data. Now new options are possible in order to customize, optimize and maximize your results!  Here are the main functionalities that we recommend you should use: 


Create and optimize your campaigns ! 👇

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