On MyFeelBack, you have calculations and standard formulas in order to make the most of your statistical data.
We have selected the elements that cover all the current needs of our users.

Get calculations

To find out, go to the menu Stats> Reports> Campaigns (or customized),

Open a report by clicking on the "Edit" button,

Then in your report click on the right to the "Settings" symbol,

You'll get the calculations list, to exploit your data.

You can choose to display data by : Value, % of answers, % of respondents, NPS, Median, Average, Deviation, Variance.

Go Far

In some contexts, you may need to u se your own calculations. We have the solution!

Please be aware that it is possible for us to customize your own formulas, in order to let you free to further analyze your statistics.

To do this, nothing more simple, contact us.

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