1- Upstream

To create a good mapping, first make sure your campaign is correctly put in place.
To make an accurate and consistent mapping, it's necessary to start by identifying what you would like to map.

In your survey, link the attributes that interest you. You don't have to use attributes, but it's often thanks to them that you can get your respondent's identity and therefore complete the correct Contact sheet in your CRM. 

Add a "Tag" behind the questions that interest you (present in "Advanced settings" of your element) so that you can identify them easily when you are creating your mapping and therefore get the answers in a click. 

Note : links towards the configuration of your specific apps are available at the end of the article.

2- Create a mapping

To create a mapping, go to the "settings" tab in the main menu on the left.

In the column "Campaigns", select "Mappings".

Here you'll find the list of all your mappings that have already been configurated. To supply a new application, click on "Add a new mapping".

Then choose the app ensuite l'application que vous souhaitez configurer.

For a specific explanation dedicated to your CRM, click on the matching logo: 

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