Deployments allow you to deploy your surveys on different medias. 

You can deploy them on all those medias:

  • WebSite: Trigger your surveys directly on you own website depending on the behaviour of your visitors.
  • Email: Deploy your surveys by email to your Segments and/or customers/prospects.
  • SMS: Deploy your surveys by SMS on your Segments and/or customers/prospects.
  • QR code: Deploy your surveys by QR code (mostly used on print support).
  • Twitter: Deploy your surveys on Twitter and get all your Followers.
  • Facebook: Deploy your surveys on your Facebook wall.
  • URL: Get the (tracked) URL of your surveys to deploy them wherever you want.
  • Button: Add a button on your website to trigger your survey on a click.
  • Conversational SMS : Turn your survey into a conversation by asking directly your questions by several SMS.

Example : URL deployment

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