In your campaign, you can organize all your questions. We'll see in this article how to move, organize, transform, duplicate or delete a question.

Move to another page

You have the choice between Drag & drop, or a click on the question.

1) Drag & drop your question

Pick a question by clicking on it.

Without releasing the click, just drag and drop the question to the left column (pages column).

Your question moved right from the page 1 to the page 2.

2) Click on the question number

Click on the question you want to move (here the question 4 on the page 1),

Select the page where you want to move the question,

Then set the new position (here after the question 2 on the page 2), and click validate.

Your question become the question 3 on the page 2.

Move within a page

Here, too, you can move a question by dragging and dropping it, but you can also use the arrows around the question number.

On each question, when you hover over the question number, arrows appear to allow you to move your question up or down.

Turn a question into a sub-question

It's possible to turn a question into a sub-question using the horizontal arrows. To get more info, read the dedicated article: How to add a sub-question.

Question > sub-question

Sub-question > question

Duplicate or delete a question

To duplicate your question, simply click on the 'Duplicate" button. You can find it at the top right of your question.

To delete your question, click on the red cross.

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