The most interesting way to use weight & category are surveys. On MyFeelBack, you can create a pass/fail quiz or magazine-style surveys – both of which score responses in realtime and give the respondent a score when they finish.

Surveys are typically used as an assessment of knowledge, abilities, or skills. Some other uses for surveys include evaluating job respondents' qualifications and personality assessments.
 To know more about quizzes : How to create a quiz?

> Let's take an example: Personality quiz. 

What kind of a shopper are you?

Category types : Pragmatic / Compulsive / Narcissistic

Q1/ When you walk into a store, you:

- Spend as little time as possible. I can't wait to get what I need and leave. 

- Know the salespeople's names and never walk out empty-handed.

- Enjoy browsing even if I don't buy anything.

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Q2/ When you see a 75% off rack at the department store you:

- Steer clear of the chaos. Who needs it?

- Rummage through for a few minutes to see if there are any killer deals.

- Do a happy dance, load up on caffeine, and dive in.

Q3/ If a store doesn't have your size in stock, what do you do?

- Ask the salesperson to call all their other store locations to track down my size.

- Shrug my shoulders and hope I'll have better luck at the next store.

- Decide it probably was not meant to be, and save the cash for something else I might want later.

Results :  

As a Shopper, you are... Pragmatic (Compulsive / Narcissistic)!


Concerning weight and categories, they're available only on a few multiple choices items.
To begin, click on the multiple choices item you want to add or edit (example: Checkboxes, Multiple choice list...).

While editing the item, please fill your question and click on "Add answer".

Then, click on the cog next to an answer to edit the settings. 

You can fill all the needed information concerning weight and category in the right side panel.

  • To add a category, name it in the "Category" field, example here "pragmatic":
  • To add a weight, fill it in the "Weight" field, example here with "100":

Don't forget to Validate, once your element is set up.
If you need to deploy a quiz, please take a look at our article: How to create a quiz?  

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