For your campaigns you have the possibility to add several types of elements:

  • Input Boxes
  • Multiple choice items
  • Rating items
  • Contents
  • Navigation

On this article, you'll find details about the Multiple Choice Items.

Add a new item

In your campaign, click on the green bouton "+Add new item",

Then go to the Multiple choice items category.

Multiple choice list

The choice list is used to display many answers but only allow one answer choosen in the list.

For example, to ask in which part of America lives your respondent: South West, South East, North East, North West.

Your respondent can only live in one place at the same time, it's why the choice list is a relevant solution!

Fill your question and the different answers by clicking on "add answer".

Then click on the crown, you'll access to answers individual settings

Also, you'll be able to display specific answers in bold, fix them in their position (for example, helpfull to fix the "other" response type after all the others in randomize mode) or give the exclusivity to the answer (if choose it others answers could not be selected).

Here too you can add a category and define a weight.

Finally go to the advanced settings to select by default the first answer or the randomize display mode of the answers.

Custom multiple choice list

If you want purpose a bigger choice list, this custom list should be interesting.

As an example, for a bricolage website on the painting market

You can create a datamart for all your product line, another datamart for all tints available or the package type, for suppliers, brands...

To get more info, read our article: Custom multiple choice list

Images choices list

You can display the answers with images, to make choose a response to the participant according to a visual.

For example, for an e-merchant in the fashion industry, he could have 4 pairs of shoes displayed to let chose which one wants his customers.

It's relevant when ordering a new range, to evaluate the trends and needs of its clients or to target the immediate needs of its customers.

As previously seen the parameters of each response remain availaible

Then go to the "Advanced Settings" tab. You can select the first default answer or display the answers in random order.

Also, you can choose to display the label of the modality in addition to the image itself (especially if the if needs context to be understood).

Finally you can set a custom size for all of the images in the question.

Checkbox list

Checkboxes are the easiest way to display all of the answers to your respondent, but not only!

This element is particularly interesting to propose several answers.

For example, for a tour operator, it would be able to recover the 3 famous destinations of its customers from a list of 10 destinations.

We can imagine access to a discount coupon for one of the respondent's favorite destinations, to turn an occasional customer into a regular customer.

Opt in

This element will help you to ask for the agreement of your participant.

To send a newsletter, get the approval to a charter, the approval of the general conditions [...]

Use it to engage the respondent easily and quickly, and in particular to respect the laws in force in your country (membership, privacy...)

Enter the description of your Opt in. It is possible to make the field checked by default by selecting "Yes" in the advanced settings.

Country selector

This item automatically loads the list of the countries of the world, you only have to ask the question for which you want to know the country chosen by your customers (place of life, work, last trip ...).

To make easier the selection, MyFeelBack can localize your respondent if you check "Yes" to "Pre-select the user's country".


If your campaign will include a "repetitive" series of questions of the same type, the matrix is the right solution.

You can choose between a matrix of the type "Rating scale" or "Checkbox list".

For example, for a big retailer that surveys its post-purchase customers in stores, the matrix allows it to collect responses more quickly.

Put the Question title, then choose your Matrix type, "Rating scale" or "Checkbox list".

Click on the green button "Add an item" in the line who matches you matrix to fill the question.

Take an example:

Main title of the matrix: We would like to know your opinion concerning:

Under item 1: "The welcome you received?"

Under item 2: "Waiting time?"

Under item 3: "The support you received?"

For each sub-element of the "Rating Scale" type, you have the choice between displaying stars, smileys or a scale of numbers.

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