On MyFeelBack, you can create a pass/fail quiz or magazine-style quizzes – both of which score responses in realtime and give the respondent a score when they finish. 

Surveys are typically used as an assessment of knowledge, abilities, or skills. Some other uses for quizzes include evaluating job respondents' qualifications and personality assessments.

This survey is a sample, a best practice to help you with your own survey. Feel free to adapt and improve it your way.
To know more about Weight and Category, read our article.

To create a survey, begin by creating a new campaign.  

We are going to create two pages:

Next to every answer, click on the cog to open the settings side panel.
Set up here the name of your Category (and eventualy the Weight and an internal value) on each answer. 

For example you can define Answer 1 are in category "Type 1", Answer 2 are in category "Type 2", Answer 3 are in category "Type 3".

Then, add your next questions the same way. For this example, we choose to duplicate the first question and modify it.

Above you see it has been duplicated


Finally, ad a "Button" item and set it up:

 Thereby, when a respondent will click on the button, he will validate the survey and be redirected to the "Results" page automatically.
 Don't forget to "Hide the submit button". 

Save your survey and open now the "Results" page.
Then add a "Rich content" item.

  Here, you can edit the text and add links / pictures / videos thanks to the WYSIWYG editor.
 To show the result on this page, you need to insert a variable by a click on "Insert variable". 

 Here, we chose to display " Most represented answer category" (if you use weight, please choose a variable linked to the weight).
 You can now Save your survey and go to the  settings of your Deployment.
 This really simple survey allows you to sound out your respondent in a playful way and still get logical and smart results.
 You can see here how the survey we just designed is looking:

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