The deployment Tag allows you to correctly trigger and display your surveys on your website, according to the rules you have previously defined (in particular via scenarios of your website deployment type). 

It also allows you to capture information about the visitor's behavior that is necessary to evaluate the conditions under which your surveys are displayed (such as visited pages, time spent, visitor information etc..). 

It is intended to trigger your surveys at the best time during a visit to your website.

Where can i find my deployment tag?

You will find your deployment Tag by going to the Settings menu.

In the Deployment category, choose "Deployment Tag".

Make sure you have created your Domains before configuring your deployment tag (otherwise, you won't be able to use it).

It is likely that you have to contact your technical service for the implementation of the deployment tag on your website, which does not prevent you from configuring your website independently.

Once you have obtained your deployment tag, copy/paste this code on all the pages of the site corresponding to your domain name. This code must be placed just before the <body> tag closes. Once again, do not hesitate to ask your IT teams for this step.

Example of a tag (don't use this for your website!):

This is what the integration of your survey would look like under a "pop in" format. (To know more about the available formats to trigger surveys, check out: create a website deployment 

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