The URL generator allows you to attach contextual data to your answers during a URL deployment of your survey.
The data collected on MyFeelBack via the deployment of survey, automaticaly enriches your CRM. You'll rapidly increase the quantity and quality of the collected data, all of that within a simple URL (in appearance only)!

Gain time and build a powerful and simple tool to deploy, all at the same time!

A few pre-requisites are necessary before you use the URL generator:

Prepare and generate a URL

Firstly, access the survey that you'd like to deploy via URL. 

Then, in the section "segment", check that your attribute are well associated to your segment. Here, our segment has 3 attributes:  : Customer's email (customer_email) Customer's first name (customer_firstname) and Customer's last name (customer_lastname).

Create a new deployment by clicking on the button " create new deployment".

Choose "URL", our objective being to generate URLs with attached attributes.

Name your deployment.

You can now click on the button "URL generator".

The attributes that are attached to our segment appear with blank fields available to be filled in by values.

Fill in the correct value for each attribute.

Here we'll use the values from one of our apps (Mailchimp) connected to MyFeelBack. To know how to connect your MailChimp app, check out this article

These are our values :

*|MERGE0|* which matches "Email Address" in Mailchimp and the attribute "Customer Email" in MyFeelBack".

*|MERGE1|* which matches "Last Name" in Mailchimp and the attribute "Customer lastname" in MyFeelBack".

*|MERGE2|* which matches "First Name" in Mailchimp and the attribute "Customer firstname" in MyFeelBack".

All you need to do in click "Generate" and your URL i ready to go!

You've finished, well done 👍

 This URL will allow you form now on, to: 

  • Deploy your survey easily, thanks to the URL that has been generated.
  • Collect new data on MyFeelBack and automaticaly enrich your CRM.

Connect applications, multiply your results! 👇

Want to create a URL ? Click here 👇

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